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Snowflake Course Content

Snowflake Architecture and Overview

• Snowflake Overview

• Architecture 101

• How to use the Snowflake UI & ecosystem

Data Movement

• Ingesting new data into Snowflake Tables

• Working with various SQL Data Types

• Discussing streaming data

• Ingestion best practices & anti-patterns

Querying Data with SQL

• View the Schema

• Filtering data examples & best practices

• Sorting data & performance considerations

• Commonly used functions

• Save & export data output

• Time Travel queries

Query Caching Performance Features

• Result set cache

• Metadata cache

• Query data cache

• Best practices of using caching for performance and cost optimization

Performing Data Analytic Tasks

• Using Snowflakes high-performing approximation and estimation features

• Join and Union queries & tuning techniques

• Perform advanced analytic tasks using additional SQL querying capabilities including subqueries, common table expressions, and analytic functions

Using Snowflakes SQL Extensibility Features

• User-defined functions

• Stored Procedures

• Regular Views & Secured Views

Working with Semi-Structured Data

• Data source formats

• Support of native data types

• SQL Operations (Grouping, Sorting & more)

• Built-in functions for traversing, flattening, and nesting of semi-structured data

Visualizing Data

• Connecting a BI Tool to Snowflake

• Exploring & Visualizing data outside of Snowflake


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