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We cover all the topics from basics to advanced level. Every topic covered under the Selenium Online Training  will be explained in practical ways with examples. Our Selenium trainers are Selenium experts and experienced working professionals with real time Selenium projects knowledge.


Selenium Course Content

Core Java (Duration 1 Week)

•                             Overview

•                             Environment Setup

•                             Object Oriented Concepts

•                             Object

•                             Class

•                             Encapsulation

•                             Inheritance

•                             Polymorphism

•                             Abstract Classes

•                             Interfaces

•                             Loop Control

•                             Strings

•                             Arrays

•                             Datatypes

•                             Access Modifiers

•                             Wrapper Classes

•                             Functions

•                             Files & I/O

•                             Reading an Excel

•                             Writing to an Excel

•                             Exceptions

•                             Collections


Selenium WebDriver(Duration 2 Weeks)

•                             History & Overview

•                             Selenium Components

•                             RC

•                             IDE

•                             Grid

•                             Pre-requisites

•                             Locating Elements

•                             ID

•                             Xpath

•                             CssSelector

•                             TagName

•                             Name

•                             ClassName

•                             LinkText

•                             PartialLinkText

•                             WebDriver Interface API

•                             Browsers(IE,Chrome,FF)

•                             Handling Hidden Elements using JavaScript

•                             Handling Alerts,Frames and Windows

•                             Capturing Screenshot

•                             Windows

•                             RemoteWebDriver

Webdriver Framework(Duration 1 Week)

•                             TestNG

•                             Features of TestNG

•                             Advantages of TestNG over JUNIT

•                             Annotations Supported by TestNG

•                             @BeforeSuite, @AfterSuite, BeforeClass, @AfterClass, @BeforeTest, AfterTest, @BeforeGroups,

•                             @AfterGroups, @BeforeMethod, AfterMethod, @DataProvider, @Factory, Listeners, @Parameters, @Test


•                             Different Ways to Invoke TestNG(Ant)

•                             Annotations Execution Procedure

•                             Writing Tests

•                             testng.xml

•                             Page Objet Framework

•                             Running Tests Parlelly

•                             TestListenerAdapter

•                             Reporting



Selenium Grid (Duration 2 days)

•                             Architecture

•                             Demo- (Grid and Hub with 2 nodes)



Selenium RC (Duration 2 days)

•                             Architecture

•                             RC API Walkthrough

•                             Default Selenium

•                             SeleneseTestBase

Selenium IDE (Duration 2 days)

•                             Record & Playback

•                             Store Commands

•                             Assert & Verify

•                             Export Testcase


Sample Project Demo(Duration 2 days)

Live Project using TestNG Framework


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