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Sap Fiori Course Content


SAP UI5 with FIORI Online Training

SAP UI5 with FIORI Syllabus


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Creating our first web page line breaks, paragraphs and headers

bold, italics and comments


linking to another page

images , directory structures

New audio tag, New video tag

Table, Forms

Get/Post method, action

Cascade Style sheet(CSS)


External style sheet

Font properties

CSS comments

Box model, padding,border, margin, padding.


Div and Span

working with colors

Background images

ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes

Styling links, styling lists



Document Object Model(DOM)


Document Object Model

Relating HTML Elements

slibings, parent node, and child node

Identifying HTML Element

Tranversing HTML Elements



Introduction to JavaScript

Statements and Comments

Finding Errors

Variables, Data Types




Functions, Functions with Parameters

Functional with Multiple Parameters

Variable scope


Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch

While loop, for loop

Objects, properties and methods

Referencing elements in JavaScript

Changing an image source

Forms, form values

Form validation text boxes, and passwords

Radio buttons, Check Boxes

Creating HTML Element

Modifying HTML Elements

Appending HTML Elements

Deleting HTML Elements

Regular Expressions

Object oriented Javascript

Prototype in Javascript

Javascript Literals

Javascript Objects, properties, and functions.





Introduction to jQuery

Creating a project using jQuery

jQuery DOM Element Selectors

jQuery DOM Traversal

jQuery DOM Modification

jQuery effects and animation

jQuery Events

jQuery UI Speciial Effects



Introduction to SAPUI5


Installation of Eclipse and creating SAPUI5 project

Walkthrough of SAPUI5 controls, create a sample project

Understanding Control, control properties, events, aggregations - creating own custom controls, complex controls

Creating SAPUI5 view using JavaScript View, XML View - Binding Data to View

Data binding types Property binding, Element Binding, Aggregation Binding

Data Model types as JSON Model , XML Model and Resource Model

Data model type OData.

Creating Custom SAPUI5 Project



SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service


Overview of NetWeaver Gateway





Installing Web IDE Locally, using HANA trail account

Features of Web IDE

Creating Project in SAP Web IDE

Creating Fiori Application in SAP Web IDE

Using Layout Design

Versions of IDE

Creating Splitt App, App

Databinding in SAP Web IDE

Calling OData in UI5 using Web IDE (Destinations)

Adding Mock data to Project

Git Repository

Extending Standard Applications

Deployment option is SAP Web IDE using SAPUI5 ABAP Repository/SAP HANA Cloud



SAP Fiori


Overview of SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori Design Principles

Creating Project in SAP Web IDE

Creating Fiori Application in SAP Web IDE

Extending Standard Fiori Applications

SAP Fiori Launchpad

Installation Guidelines

System Landscape for Transactional Applications

System Landscape for Factsheet Applications

System Landscape for Analytical Applications

Extending transactional Applications

Overview on extending Factsheet Applications

Overview on extending Analytical Applications

Creating Custom Launched Pad

Creating Catelogs, and group

Adding Custom Applications to LaunchPad






Revising the Topics

Assignment on Custom Application

Assignment on Extending Standard Applications

Popular Interview Questions for Sap Fiori

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