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Sailpoint Course Content

Introduction to IAM (Identity and Access Management)

IAM overview and Its Key concepts

Introduction to IIQ (IdentityIQ)

Compare Sailpoint with other IAM/IDM/SSO/IIQ solutions in the market

What is Access governance

Common Terminologies in Sailpoint IIQ

Sailpoint Architecture, versions, UPS

Step by Step Sailpoint installation and Setup

IIQ Operations through IIQ Console

Workgroups in IIQ

Identity Cubes + Identity Cube Refresh

Application (Logical and Multiplex)

Active Directory Connector

What are Authoritative and managed resource and their differences

Sailpoint Policies * Separation-of-Duties (SoD Policies)

Application Onboarding Authoritative Application - CSV / Active Directory / JDBC

Onboarding Non-Authoritative Applications Connectors

Clean up Sailpoint IdentityIQ tables / upgrade data export tables

Key concepts: Aggregation, Refresh and correlation: Manager and account.

Schema and Managed Attributes

What are Rules? Commonly used rules and their uses

Aggregation rules, provisioning rules, resource object customization rule

Capability, Workgroup and Scope

Roles and Entitlements

Access Certifications (Periodic Certifications and Continous Certifications)

Identity Mapping and Accounts Mapping

Types of certification: App Owner, Manager and Role Owner

Filter Strings and Values for search

Differences and Uses of Reports and Advanced Analytics Tabs in Sailpoint

Lifecycle Manager

Lifecycle Events: Joiner, Mover and Leaver

Business Process and Workflows

Password Management and Password Synchronization

Create encrypted password and Change admin password in Sailpoint

Login Configuration

Tools and Techniques, Trouble-shooting and debugging


Sailpoint Online Training ( Advance Topics )


Deep Dive in Role Management

Deep Dive in SSO Configuration **

Deep Dive in Birthright Provisioning (RBAC-Role Based Access Control)

Migration from one Environment to Another

Creating Custom Reports in Sailpoint - Exercise **

Deep Dive SSD - Standard Service Deployment **

Understand BeanShell Guide and Using it for Sailpoint coding

Developing Custom Connectors using Bean-Shell **

Upgradation process

Version Upgrade in Sailpoint 8.x to newer Sailpoint version

Post upgrade procedures and Checks

Sailpoint IdentityNow (Theory - Sailpoint SaaS Version)

Any Use Case / live Scenario from other IAM Tools you want to discuss

Build and Deployment methodology, Partitioning, Sailpoint APIs, Debugging

Sailpiont Training doubt Clearance and Q&A Session

Sailpoint Interview Question and Answer

Popular Interview Questions for Sailpoint

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