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PEGA Course Content


1             Orientation         Welcome to System Architect Essentials I

                              Course Overview

                              Completing the Exercises

                              Downloading the Exercise System                         


2             BPM and Case Management Overview     Introduction to BPM and Case Management

                              Accessing a PRPC Application

                              Tour of the Designer Studio                           


3             Start Building an Application         Introduction to the HR Services Application


                              Creating a New Application


                              Identifying Case Stages                           


4             Defining the Process        Adding Processes to Stages

                              Modeling the Processes

                              Adding Business Use Cases to a Process

                              Review of Defining the Process                        


5            Defining the Data Elements          Introduction to Data Elements

                              Introduction to Data Modeling

                              Setting Values of Data Elements

                              Inspecting Data Elements                              Review of Defining the Data Elements                            


6             Enhancing the User Interface       Introduction to UI

                              Designing Layouts

                              Creating Repeating Layouts

                              Formatting Data Elements

                              Validating Data Elements

                              Review of Enhancing the User Interface                           


7             Accessing Data in the Application               Introduction to Data Tables

                              Accessing Data in the User Interface

                              Creating a Dynamic User Interface

                              Accessing External Systems

                              Review of Accessing Data in the Application                         


8             Automating Business Policies       Introduction to Declarative Processing

                              Conditional Processing

                              Automating Business Processes Using Decision Rules

                              Review of Automating Business Policies                          


9             Advanced Case Processing            Routing Cases

                              Case Stage Configuration

                              Creating an Optional Process

                              Introduction to Task Based Smart Shapes

                              Creating a Case Level SLA

                              Review of Advanced Case Processing                        


10           Documenting the Application       Documenting an Application                        



11           Effective Application Development with PRPC       HR Services Application Operational Walkthrough

                              The Building Blocks of a PRPC Application

                              Managing the Building Blocks of a PRPC Application

                              Guided Application Development Using Guardrails                       


12           Designing Enterprise Applications Using Case Management             Best Practices fsor Case Management Design

                              Managing Enterprise Apps using Stage-Based Case Design

                              Best Practices for Effective Case Decomposition

                              Best Practices for Effective Process Decomposition

                              Guardrails for Case Management Design                         


13           Creating an Effective Data Model              Best Practices for Designing a Data Model

                              Best Practices for Managing Data

                              Best Practices for Managing Reference Data

                              Sharing Data Across Cases and Subcases

                              Guardrails for Data Models                        


14           Integrating with External Data Sources     Integrating with Databases

                              Guardrails for Integrating with External Data Sources



15           Creating Engaging User Experiences          Designing the User Interface for Reuse and Maintainability                              Building Assignment Focused (Intent-Driven) User Interfaces

                              Best Practices for Designing the User Interface

                              Using Advanced User Interface Controls

                              Managing Data for Selectable List Controls

                              Building Dynamic User Interfaces

                              Validating User Input

                              Guardrails for Creating Engaging User Experiences                       


16           Enforcing Business Policies           Designing Business Rules for the Business User

                              Enforcing Business Policies using Service Levels

                              Notifying Users from Within a Process

                              Enforcing Business Policies Using Decision Rules

                              Enforcing Data Relationships with Declarative Rules

                              Guardrails for Enforcing Business Policies                         


17           Process Visibility Through Business Reporting        Preparing Your Data for Reporting

                              Building Business Reports

                              Guardrails for Business Reporting                         


18           Best Practices for Preparing an Application for Testing Deployment              Using Guardrail Reports to Ensure the Best Performance

                              Guidelines for Maintaining Requirements and Specifications


1             Orientation       


2             Application Design           Starting a Pega 7 Application

                              Introduction to RuleSets

                              Working with Branches

                              Rule Resolution

                              Enterprise Class Structure


                              Reusability and Specialization                           


3             Case Design        Case Management - Under the Hood

                              Case Lifecycle Management (Stages)

                              Case Hierarchy

                              Creating and Editing Flows

                              Advanced Flow Processing

                              Screen Flows

                              Work Status

                              Work Parties                          


4             Data Model         Building a Solid Foundation

                              Controlling Data with Properties

                              Source Your Data with Data Pages                           


5             User Experience Introduction to User Experience

                              Introduction to UI Architecture

                              Building the UI                             Introduction to Responsive UI

                              Introduction to Styling an Application

                              Understanding Available Controls

                              Building Dynamic UI                          


6             Automating Business Policies       Data Transforms



                              Case Attachments


                              Get Next Work



                              Declarative Processing

                              Declaratives Rules

                              Delegating Rules to the Business User

                              Automating Decisions



7             Reporting            Creating Business User Reports

                              Configuring Reports

                              Data Model in Reports

                              Data Visualization using Charts                        


8             Integration          Introduction to Integration

                              Error Handling and Debugging

                              Configuring a SOAP Connector

                              Setup a SOAP Service

                              Setup a File Listener

                              Interacting with an External Database                           


9             Architecture        Standard Agents

                              Controlling Access to an Application

                              Authentication Using LDAP                         


10          Administration   System Debugging

                              Designing for Performance

                              System Tuning and Maintenance

                              Migrating an Application

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