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Microsoft Azure Developer Course Content


Azure Virtual Machines

1.            Virtualization

2.            Virtual Machine

3.            Azure Virtual Machine

4.            Azure Deployment Models

5.            Virtual Machines Series

6.            Virtual Machine Sizes

Configuring Azure Virtual Machines

1.            Virtual Machine Architecture

2.            Creating Windows VM

3.            Virtual Machine Extensions

4.            Windows VM Disk Layouts

5.            Network Security Group

6.            Web Deployment Setup

7.            Deploying Web Application

Scaling Virtual Machines

1.            Introduction to Availability sets

2.            Fault Domains and Update Domains

3.            Architecture for N-Tier Application

4.            Virtual machine scale sets

5.            Availability sets vs. scale sets

Azure Storage

1.            Introduction to Azure Storage

2.            Azure Storage Offerings - Blobs, Tables, Queues, Disks and Files

3.            Azure Storage Used by Microsoft

4.            Azure Storage Account Types

5.            Access Tiers

6.            Azure Storage Tools

7.            Redundancy

8.            Azure Storage Offerings in Details

Working with Azure Storage

1.            Azure Storage Blobs

2.            Azure Storage Files

3.            Azure Storage Tables

4.            Azure Storage Queues

5.            Azure Storage Access and Monitoring

Cloud Computing

1.            Introduction to Cloud Computing

2.            Cloud Computing Offerings

3.            Cloud Deployment Models

4.            Cloud vendors

5.            Public Cloud Adoption

Microsoft Azure Platform

1.            Introduction to Azure

2.            Microsoft Azure Platform History

3.            Support for Open Source

4.            Azure Momentum

5.            Azure Advantages

6.            Azure Management Portal

7.            Azure Deployment Models

Development Tools and SDKs

1.            Setting up VS 2017

2.            Installing Cloud Tools/SDKs

Azure App Services

1.            App Services

2.            Types of App Services

3.            App Services Tiers and Pricing

4.            App Services Scaling

Azure Web App

1.            Introduction to Azure Web App

2.            Web Apps Deployment

3.            Web Apps deployment slots

4.            Create and Deploy ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core and NodeJS web apps

5.            Setting Custom Domain

Azure API Apps

1.            Introduction to Azure API App

2.            Create and deploy API Apps

3.            Implement CORS

Azure Mobile Apps

1.            Introduction to Azure Mobile App

2.            Create and deploy Azure Mobile App

3.            Accessing Azure Mobile App using Postman

Logical Apps

1.            Introduction to logical App

2.            Creating a logic App using Twitter, One Drive and Outlook connectors

3.            Creating and consuming custom connector

Web Jobs and Azure Functions

1.            Introduction to Web Jobs

2.            Creating background tasks using Web Jobs

3.            Server-less Architecture

4.            Azure Services based on Server-less Architecture

5.            Introduction to Azure Function

6.            Azure Functions Pricing

7.            Function App – Http Trigger

8.            Function vs. Web Jobs

Azure App Services Comparative Study

1.            Comparing App Services

2.            Choosing App Services

Microservices and Azure Service Fabric

1.            Microservices

2.            Microservices Principles

3.            Azure Service Fabric

4.            Azure Service Fabric History

5.            Azure Service Fabric used by Microsoft

6.            Azure Service Fabric Programming Models

7.            Azure Service Fabric Concepts

8.            Deployment

Azure SQL Database Service

1.            Introduction to Azure SQL Database

2.            Relational Data Services in the Cloud

3.            Azure SQL Database Service Tiers

4.            Database Throughput Units (DTU)

5.            Scalable performance and pools

6.            Creating and Managing SQL Databases

7.            Azure SQL Database Tools

8.            Migrating data to Azure SQL Database

Azure Cosmos DB

1.            Introduction to Cosmos DB

2.            Comparison of Cosmos DB with Other DBs

3.            Customers using Azure Cosmos DB

4.            Azure Cosmos DB Emulator

Document DB

1.            Introduction to Azure Document DB

2.            Azure Document DB Resources

3.            MongoDB API

4.            Gremlin API (Preview)

5.            Create databases and collections

6.            Query documents, run Document DB queries

Azure Redis Cache

1.            Azure Redis Cache

2.            Why Cache?

3.            Azure Redis Cache Tiers

4.            Implement Redis caching

Azure Search

1.            Introduction to Azure Search

2.            Integration with Azure SQL Database

3.            Implement Azure Search

Azure Active Directory

1.            Introduction Azure AD Directory

2.            Azure AD for Enterprises

3.            Azure AD as the control plane

4.            Azure AD in the Marketplace

5.            Azure AD Tiers

6.            Windows Server AD vs. Azure AD

Getting Started with Active Directory

1.            Types of Azure AD

2.            Creating and Configuring Azure AD


1.            Azure AD user Accounts

2.            Identity Providers

3.            Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

4.            Azure Role-Based Access Control