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DevOps Course Content

DevOps Fundaments Course Agenda


What you will learn

Learn how DevOps practices and principles are changing how software are delivered in Enterprises


Explore the DevOps background, approach, and best practices

Understand relation between DevOps, Agile and Scrum and Other Frameworks.

Why DevOps is needed? Why “embrace DevOps or Perish”.

Discover the major steps required to successfully implement delivery pipelines

Understanding the Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

Understand and Implement DevOps Tool-Chain (GIT, Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Puppet, Vagrant etc.)

Discover and understand about Amazon Web Services

Course Delivered along with Real-life Demos and Scenario based discussion followed by work


Who should attend this Course?

Anyone who wants to learn and understand about DevOps, the problems it solves and how one can

apply DevOps principles and tools in their current environment.


Experience with applications/Infrastructure management

Good understanding of Fundamental OS concepts.

Good to know (but not mandatory)

Basic Linux OS familiarity

Exposure to any Text Editor (VI/Vim/Notepad++/Sublime/Atom)

Basic Scripting

Course Agenda (curriculum)

Introduction to DevOps

 What is DevOps? Introduction and Historical Background.

 SDLC models, LEAN, ITIL, Agile

 DevOps Stakeholders

 DevOps Tool-Chain

 CI/CD and CM

Cloud computing – Introduction to Amazon Web Services

 What is cloud computing

 Cloud implementation and Service models

 Introduction to AWS services

 Understanding AWS EC2

 AWS Storage Fundamentals

 Working with Amazon VPC

DevOps Fundaments Course Agenda


ï‚· Introduction

 Why and what is Vagrant

 Uses of Vagrant in an environment

ï‚· Installation and Configuration

 Installing Virtual box

 How to install Vagrant on Windows and Linux

 Configuring Vagrant

ï‚· Provisioning with Vagrant

 Creating first VM with Vagrant

 Operations on the VM

 Connecting to the VM

 Add required Images to Vagrant

ï‚· Multiple Vagrant instances

 Understanding Vagrant file

 Public and private networking

 Port forwarding

GIT (Version Control)

ï‚· Understanding Version control systems or SCM

ï‚· Centralized Vs. distributed SCM

ï‚· Installing Git (Linux and Windows)

ï‚· Git Essentials

 Creating repository

 Cloning, check-in and commit

 Pull/Push and Remote

 Branching

Configuration Management Overview and Chef Introduction

ï‚· Introduction to Configuration Management.

ï‚· Overview of Chef

 Chef Architecture (Server, Node and workstation)

 Common Chef Terminology (Recipe, Cookbook, Resource, Ohai and more)

 Roles, Organization, Attribute and Databags

ï‚· Workstation Setup

 Install ChefDK

 Configure knife

 Execute knife test commands

ï‚· Working with Nodes

 Bootstrapping nodes (Linux and Windows)

 How to Add Run list to Node

 Check node Details (OHAI)

ï‚· Organization Setup

 Create organization

 Add yourself and node to organization

ï‚· Chef Building Blocks

DevOps Fundaments Course Agenda

 Download and configure cookbook from Chef SuperMarket and Github.

 Understand components of Cookbook

 Resource and Ohai

 Write small recipes

Jenkins – Continuous Integration

ï‚· Understanding continuous integration

ï‚· Introduction about Jenkins

ï‚· Obtaining and installing Jenkins

ï‚· Exploring Jenkins Dashboard.

ï‚· Jobs

 Creating Jobs

 Running the Jobs

ï‚· Adding and updating Plugins

ï‚· Build Jobs and Deployments

ï‚· Securing Jenkins

 Authentication

 Jenkins Plugin

 Authorization

 Confidentiality

 Creating users

 Best Practices for Jenkins

Docker and Container technology

ï‚· Introduction to Docker and Containers

 Use case of Docker

 Platforms for Docker

 Dockers vs Virtualization

 Docker Architecture and Components

ï‚· Installation

 Installation of Docker on Linux and windows.

 Some Docker commands.

 Provisioning

ï‚· Docker Hub.

 Downloading and running Docker images.

 Running commands in container.

ï‚· Custom images

 Creating a custom image.

 Running a container from the custom image.

 Publishing the custom image.

ï‚· Docker Networking

 Accessing containers

 Linking containers Running multiple containers.

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