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Business Analyst Course Content


 About the Program


This brochure gives you high level description of the Business Analyst training offered by Subash Chandra. The purpose of this training is to allow the candidates in getting hands-on experience and to become market ready with the fundamentals of roles, responsibilities and skills necessary for being a Business Analyst.


Who Should Attend


Individuals do not have to fulfill any prerequisites in order to get into this business analysis course. I welcome everyone who is interested in getting trained for business analysis and who are eager to give wings to their ideas about analyzing business opportunities and their results. Technical and non-technical experts are treated equally in this business analysis field where a Business analyst will be focusing on IT, Marketing and financial projects. Hence it indicates that any trainee for business analysis should not be necessarily from IT background.


Course Overview:


This course is designed to provide foundational understanding of the knowledge areas and skills of Business Analysis. The course exposes the student to the concepts of Business Analysis at a very detailed level. The course includes discussions of the multi-faceted role of the Business Analyst and examines the fundamental skills required. It explores many such critical skills as gathering the requirements, techniques involved in gathering requirements, analysis, documenting, managing, verifying and transmitting of requirements.


Learning Outcomes:


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:


• Understand the roles of the Business Analyst in the software development process, and apply the     knowledge and skill requirements necessary to carry out the role

• Apply process oriented approach in collecting and documenting requirements

• Ability to understanding capabilities and liaising skills with clients and in between departments

• Describe the levels, types, and characteristics of good requirements

• Analyzing Business process flows and creating business process diagrams with BPMN

• Better understanding and implementing of data analysis and mapping

• Describe requirements that drive ongoing design, test, and user documentation

• Use common features of UML diagrams to model the business process

• Author various artifacts that include, BRD’s, FRD’s, URD’s, BPD’s, Wireframes, Use Cases

• Create Use cases, activity diagrams using industry standard tools like MS Visio, Enterprise Architect

• Apply requirements traceability to the Business Analysis process

• Describe requirements that drive ongoing design, test, and user documentation

• Understand and perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


Course Outline:-

System Fundamentals


• Introduction

• Business Analysis Overview

• Pre-Project Activities

• Overview on System Fundamentals


Business Analysis in SDLC and SDLC Methodologies


• What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

• Importance of BA in SDLC

• SDLC Methodologies

• Special emphasis on Agile Scrum Methodology


Roles and Responsibilities in of Business Analyst


• Who is a Business Analyst?

• Roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst in Project Development

• Business analyst vs. System Analyst


The Requirement Process


• What are requirements

• Different Requirement Types

• The Requirements process


Project Requirements


• What is Project Kick Start Document or S& V Document?

• Importance of Scope and Vision Document

• How to create Scope and Vision Document?


Functional and Non-Functional Requirements


• What are function and Non –Functional requirements?

• Different types of non-functional requirements


Enterprise Analysis


• Understanding the Business Process

• Perform Business process analysis using BPMN

• Tools used in creating BPD’s

• What is Stakeholder Analysis?

• How to perform Stakeholder Analysis?


Elicitation of Requirements


• Importance of Requirement gathering

• Requirement Gathering Techniques

• Constraints in Eliciting the requirements


Screen Mockups


• What are screen Mockups

• Significance of User Interface

• Tools used in creating Screen mockups/ UI


Analysis of Requirements


• Techniques used for the analysis of requirements?

• What is a Context Diagram?

• Creating and understanding the Context Diagram

• Creating and understanding the Use Case Diagrams

• Significance of Data Mapping


Identifying Use Cases


• General Steps in a UML-Based Process

• What are Use Cases?

• Elements in creating a Use Case model

• Tools used in creating a Use Case Model

• Creating a Use Case Specification


Specification of Requirements


• What is the need of a requirement document?

• Rules for writing effective requirements

• Tools used in documenting the Requirements Document


Activity Diagrams


• What is Activity flow Diagram?

• Activity flow Diagram with Swim lanes

• Tools used in creating Activity Diagrams

Popular Interview Questions for Business Analyst

1.How would you handle changes to the scope of a project if a client or manager wanted to add a major feature?

2.How would you update or improve a critical process that was initially formed around out-of-date technology?

3.How would you build consensus if there were differences between stakeholders regarding project priorities?

4.A new member of your team asks you for best practices to follow while writing a use case. What advice would you give them?

5.Your team is falling behind an important project. How do you get them back on track?

6.What software, tools and frameworks do you use to keep track of a project?

7.What modeling technique would you choose to visualize our relationships with customers and why?

8.What strategies do you use to gather user requirements? Are some methodologies more effective in certain cases than others?

9.What kind of technical documentation do you think is useful in your work?

10.Can you briefly explain the steps you take and the information required to perform market, competitor and SWOT analyses?

11.How can you use personas to explain user behavior?

12.Walk me through a project that you worked on and explain how it helped the company achieve its business goals.

13.Have you ever struggled with demanding user requirements? How did you overcome challenges in this case?

14.Tell me about a time you delivered a cost-reducing solution. What was it?

15.What measures do you take to increase your team’s productivity?

16.Have you ever failed to deliver a project on time? If so, what went wrong and what did you learn from the experience? If not, how do you ensure you meet all deadlines?